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SXSW Sydney: A Malaysian Musical Triumph

In the heart of Sydney, amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, the sounds of Malaysia echoed loud and clear on October 20th. A significant day for the music enthusiasts of the city, it marked the first ever SXSW outside of the US. With the backdrop of the iconic Sydney skyline, three powerhouse bands from Malaysia – Pop Shuvit, Hujan, and Yuji – took to the stage, filling the air with melodies that transcended borders.

SXSW Sydney Main stage at Tumbalong Park
SXSW Sydney Main stage at Tumbalong Park

Organized meticulously by YEG, the event was nothing short of a spectacle. The vast stage, set against the picturesque city lights, resonated with the sounds of passion, talent, and unity. And the audience? A sea of diverse faces, each one reflecting pure adoration and appreciation for music.

Yuji with Pop Shuvit at SXSW Sydney
Yuji with Pop Shuvit at SXSW Sydney

The evening commenced with the soulful voice of Yuji, supported by the seasoned musicians of Pop Shuvit. With every note and chord, they told stories of love, life, and dreams. Yuji’s set, consisting of five melodious tracks, was elevated to new heights when he was joined by the enchanting Lunadirah for a surprise duet. Their harmonious voices blended seamlessly, casting a spell over the audience.

As the final notes of Yuji’s performance faded, the electrifying energy of Pop Shuvit took over. With a lineup of eight songs that showcased their versatility and prowess, they had the audience on their feet, dancing and singing along. A special moment arrived when Emmett from Butterfingers graced the stage. Together, they revived the classic ‘Vio-Pipe’, sending waves of nostalgia through the crowd. But the climax was the performance of ‘Space Between Us’. Produced and featuring the legendary Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance, the song saw Emmett and Pop Shuvit create magic, making the audience sway to their rhythm. They concluded with the crowd’s favorite, ‘Marabahaya’, leaving everyone wanting more.

Pop Shuvit and Emmett at SXSW Sydney
Pop Shuvit and Emmett at SXSW Sydney

Then, with the stage still echoing the beats of Pop Shuvit, Hujan took over. For a full hour, they commanded the stage, performing hit after hit. Their energy was contagious, their passion palpable. As they belted out their classics, they not only won the hearts of their Malaysian fans but also left a lasting impression on the Australians. Their finale, ‘Aku Skandal’, will be remembered for years to come.

SXSW Sydney was more than just a musical event; it was a testament to the power of music to unite, to transcend boundaries, and to celebrate diversity.

The three Malaysian bands, with their unique sounds and unmatched energy, not only represented their country but also carved a niche for themselves on the global stage. The night might have ended, but the echoes of their music will linger in the hearts of many, waiting eagerly for the next symphony.

Touchdown Under Music Festival: A Glimpse Beyond the Horizon

Part of the illustrious SXSW Sydney music showcase, the Touchdown Under Music Festival was a convergence of diverse talents from Asia to the Middle East. From the soulful sounds of operatic metal to the enchanting melodies of Indonesian folk, from the sultry beats of Korean R&B to the powerful anthems of rap rock and indie rock - each performance was a testament to the global appeal of music.

The festival was not just a platform for artists to showcase their talent but also a celebration of the rich tapestry of sounds that resonate across different cultures. Each band, a beacon of musical prowess in their respective countries, came together with a shared vision - to take their music to the world.

Proudly presented by China’s renowned music festival, Concrete & Grass, and backed by Asia’s biggest label group, YEG Music, the festival boasted a lineup of stars that illuminated the Sydney night.

Line-up: Isayana Sarasvati, GAC, Hindia, Nadin Amizah, Owen, Marv, Yuji, Ardhito Pramono, Feby Putri, Pop Shuvit, Soegi Bornean, Hujan, Adhita Sofyan.

The Touchdown Under Music Festival was more than an event; it was a musical journey, taking audiences through the heartbeats of different nations, all united by the universal language of music.


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