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Amped Up Echoes: Pop Shuvit Rocks Axiata Arena With ONE OK ROCK

Last night at the Axiata Arena, Pop Shuvit took the stage with an electrifying presence, opening for the renowned ONE OK ROCK. The air was thick with anticipation as a diverse crowd of 10,000 gathered, eager to witness a fusion of rock prowess.

The evening began with a blast from the past as Pop Shuvit ignited the crowd with 'Old Skool Rocka', an ode to their musical roots. The familiar riffs sent a wave of energy through the audience, getting everyone on their feet and dancing. This opening act was more than just a performance; it was a statement that Pop Shuvit was there to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Continuing their dynamic set, the band seamlessly transitioned into 'Oh! Sizuka', a heartfelt tribute to Japan, where they first rose to fame. The song resonated deeply with the audience, bridging the band’s past triumphs and the present moment.

Special guests added to the night’s allure. Emmett from Butterfingers joined for a powerful rendition of 'Space Between Us', showcasing a perfect blend of talents. Dandee from Bangkok Invaders was also on stage, who never failed to impress. Emmett and Dandee welcomed Seven to introduce the 'Believer' debut, a touching tribute to the late Jamir Garcia. Jamir's son filled in for his father with a poignant and powerful performance.

As the night progressed, the energy in the arena reached a fever pitch with the performance of 'Marabahaya', a track that always rouses the crowd. Pop Shuvit’s ability to connect with the audience was evident, as every note played seemed to strike a chord with the sea of fans.

The choice of ONE OK ROCK to have Pop Shuvit open for them spoke volumes about their respect for the band's talent and appeal. Additionally, the seamless organization by Hello Universe as the promoter made the event not just a concert but a celebration of rock music.

The concert ended, but the echoes of the night lingered. Pop Shuvit left the stage, but their impact remained, imprinted in the hearts of the 10,000 who witnessed a night where music transcended mere entertainment and became a shared experience of passion and rock spirit.

More pics are shown below! Credit to @rmivisuallab for the amazing shots!

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