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"Space Between Us": Friendship, Music, and Fate

Ever heard the saying, "Old friends jam the best?" Dive into this story, and you'll see why.

Picture this: A sunlit park somewhere in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, way before Pop Shuvit or Butterfingers were even a glint in our eyes. Four young lads from Bukit Bintang Boys school – Emmett, Loque, Rudy, and Moots – sprawled under a tree, scribbling lyrics and strumming makeshift chords. Those were the days of raw passion, dreams bigger than the sky, and music that was more about feeling than perfection.

But, as with all epic tales, destiny had its own playlist. Instead of forming a band together, the universe spun us into two separate whirlwinds of rock – Butterfingers and Pop Shuvit.

Pop Shuvit and Emmett - Space Between Us
Pop Shuvit and Emmett - Space Between Us

Both bands rocked stages, made headlines, and got the crowds moshing. But that old park, that tree, and those lazy afternoons of jamming? They remained an untold chapter.

Until now.

"Space Between Us" is like opening an old diary. It's a track that brings Emmett and Pop Shuvit back to the roots, with Dandee from Project E.A.R. adding his flavor. And guess what? Ray Toro from My Chemical Romance, with whom we shared some wild tour nights in Asia, jumped in, laying down some wicked guitar tracks and sprinkling his production magic.

Pop Shuvit and Emmett - Space Between Us
First photoshoot in a decade

This song isn't just about the chords and lyrics. It's about the space between the notes, the memories, the laughter, and the tears. Especially during these crazy pandemic times, when life felt like a never-ending guitar solo, sometimes off-key and sometimes hitting the right notes. It's about the sacrifices, the late-night calls, the virtual hugs, and the hope that kept us all going.

And for those of you riding the Pop Shuvit wave, here's a little teaser: "Space Between Us" is the gateway to our upcoming 7th album, "Phantom Frequencies". No spoilers, but expect some old school vibes with a new-age twist.

Pop Shuvit and Emmett - Space Between Us
Not enough sleep apparently

Now, for the grand crescendo: We're stoked to announce that we'll be hitting the stage at SXSW Sydney on October 20th, 3 pm, at Tumbalong Park. And guess who's joining us? The man himself, Emmett. We'll be performing "Space Between Us" live for the very first time. Sydney, with its vibrant energy and iconic backdrop, feels like the perfect place to bring this song to life. So, if you're around, come jam and hang out with us.


Pop Shuvit

Pop Shuvit and Emmett - Space Between Us
Ready to rumble

Pop Shuvit and Emmett - Space Between Us
Pop Shuvit and Emmett - Space Between Us

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