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Behind the Soundwaves: Pop Shuvit’s ‘Space Between Us’ Drops In! 🎸

Hey rock fam! We're back, and boy do we have some interstellar vibes to share. You know how we like to roll: less hype, more riff. So, here’s the lowdown.

'Space Between Us' has landed. It's the first track from our upcoming 7th album, Phantom Frequencies. Think of it as a raw, evocative peek into what’s coming - a pure, unadulterated auditory trip. 🎧

We jammed with some rad folks on this one. Big nod to our brothers, @official.emmett.I and @dandeeokc, for merging their sonic genius with ours. Oh, and here's a cool tidbit: the one and only Ray Toro from My Chemical Romance had his hands on the mix. Epic, right?

Cheers to our crew at @mycreativeventures and @kkdigital_gov for having our backs. Music's a journey, and it's killer having you ride with us. And those wicked visuals? All credit to the rockstars @apishkamit and @adib.haikal.

For those who love their hashtags as much as their head-banging: #Spacebetweenus, #popshuvitmusic, #Phantomfrequencies, #popshuvit. Drop them, share the love, or just plug in and drift.

So, grab your headphones, find your corner, and let’s vibe. 'Space Between Us' is here. 🤘🏽

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